05 July 2017

When Technology delivers Instant Rewards and Increased Convenience

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We showcase our most recent work for Woolworths and Discovery; team up with KFC to deliver emergency sustenance to the Knysna Firefighters and launch the #Remarkable Blue Couch video stories.

As of today, our technology is deployed at over 72 000 till points across Africa. Our global footprint now includes a presence in South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana, the UK, France and the Netherlands. Let’s get to it!

  • We open up new redemption partners with Discovery Vitality Active Rewards
  • We serve up a variety of fresh on-demand hospitality solutions for Woolworths
  • KFC teams up with wiGroup to keep the selfless Knysna firefighters fed and going strong
  • Join us for an inspirational story with our #Remarkable Blue Couch Video Series


We assist Discovery Vitality Active Rewards to sign on a host of new Loyalty Partners

Vitality Active Rewards is expanding and bursting with exciting new redemption partners, including: Ster Kinekor, Mugg & Bean, Kauai and Vida e Caffè. Vitality Active Rewards is now offered at over 500 partner locations and we expect more brands to sign on in the coming months.

Along with this, you can now spend your Discovery Miles using wiCodes at Outdoor Warehouse, Sportsmans Warehouse, Golfers Club, Dis-chem and Pick n Pay.

Goodbye Queues! Hello Mobile Order & Pay Apps!

We redefine the mobile experience and deploy on-demand convenience in SA’s Hospitality sector with an authentic Mobile Commerce solution for Woolworths Hospitality, lovingly named ‘NOW NOW’. Loyal customers can now enjoy the benefits of buying better food faster, and proceed directly to the express lane. Over 10% of transactions are now processed via the app.

For the ‘NOW NOW’ customer experience visit the ‘NOW NOW’ store in the Cape Town CBD, Mutual Park in Pinelands and The Silo, with more stores opening in the coming months.

KFC asks wiGroup to roll out Free Meals to feed the brave Knysna Firefighters

On the 9th of June Knysna was seized by a relentless wild fire, which razed hundreds of homes and left thousands displaced. In true South African style, donations poured in from across the country. KFC realized that the hard working firefighters needed sustenance and immediately contacted wiGroup to initiate a gift card campaign valued at over R25 000!

Within hours our tech enabled KFC meals to be distributed to the firefighters from one store, in real-time, thanks to our gifting solution. The firefighters had a swift and seamless experience in getting their free meals using wiGroup technology.

Inspirational Stories #Remarkable People

What started off as an inspirational, internal drive for wiGroup employees is blossoming into a platform of #Remarkable feats where we invite interesting South Africans to share their personal stories of success.

As one of the final candidates for the Mars One mission to Mars in 2026, meet Dr. Adriana Marais, our first guest on the Blue Couch Sessions and the only African selected for this mission. Watch her story here.

Is Brand Loyalty Essential to your growth?

According to a recent Accenture Study, 53% of consumers remain loyal to brands that are able to connect them with reputable providers to redeem loyalty points for needful things. If your rewards program could use a shot in the arm, simply reach out and we’d be glad to give you a comprehensive demonstration of the possibilities.

That’s it for this edition of the wiGroup Newsletter. Until we meet again!
The wiGroup Team
P.S. Please don’t show your empty coffee cup to an IT guy and say you’ve just installed JAVA…

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