3 Great examples of mobile transacting campaigns from around the world

While mobile transacting is not a new concept, most brands have only started exploring the possibilities of using the phone as a transactional device. Today, brands and retailers use innovative apps run on increasingly powerful smartphone devices to boost sales and increase their share of consumers’ attention.

Here are our three favourite mobile transacting campaigns today. Each example offers something different: novelty, localisation, integration with other services, massive increases in sales. We leave it to you to decide which is the best:

Campaign #1 – Starbucks (US) US coffee chain Starbucks launched a hugely successful mobile payment app that processed more than $1-billion in transactions in 2013 alone. The app allows customers to pay for their coffee and earn rewards, which change regularly and can range from discounts to free music downloads.

A recent update also introduced a digital tipping option as well as shake-to-pay, a quick and easy (and eye-catching!) way of paying for your morning brew. The company has now rolled out the app to customers in Korea, with more countries to follow.

Campaign #2 – Hungry Lion (South Africa) Local fast food retailer Hungry Lion has mastered the art of localising mobile transacting services to suit its customer base to a tee. As a mass market brand, Hungry Lion’s customer base largely don’t have access to smartphones, so flashy looking apps are not feasible. Instead, coupons and vouchers are awarded to loyal customers through a host of mass market above-the-line channels such as newspapers, radio, Facebook, and Mxit. Using simple in-store communication and making the redemption process as simple as possible for its customers, Hungry Lion has achieved industry leading redemption rates as high as 75% for its constant stream of highly relevant offers.

Campaign #3 – Meat Pack (Guatemala) The small South American nation of Guatemala has a vibrant sneaker subculture and the Meat Pack is the leading retail store offering a range of limited edition sneakers from the world’s top brands.

Toward the end of 2011 the store made waves when it launched its Hijack campaign. The Meat Pack app installed on its fans’ smartphones would track fans when they’re near the store and send a notice to their phones whenever they enter a competitor’s store. The notice would be a discount that starts at 99% and decreases by a percentage with each second that went by. Customers were seen running through the shopping mall where Meat Pack is located to claim their discount. Hundreds of customers were ‘stolen’ from competitors and the buzz created around the campaign attracted new customers to Meat Pack. This was also the first example of a mobile app literally poaching customers from competitors’ stores.


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