The Challenge:

Total South Africa (Pty) Ltd was faced with a limited range of entry mechanics, when running competition campaigns in store. The choices available at the time included: entering competitions using a manual process, or submitting transaction and product details via SMS or USSD. Each was expensive to manage, subject to fraud, error, and a huge time wastage. Total also wanted to use the competition mechanics, as a rich, data gathering tool. One that could collect invaluable info at the point of sale, about each customer’s shopping behavior, so that future promotions, could be based on consumer behavior and spend, to retain, grow and reach new customers.

The Solution:

South Africa (Pty) Ltd Total approached wiGroup to come up with an easy to implement competition entry solution, that could also capture customer’s mobile number at point of purchase. wiGroup used Mobile at POS, part of the Loyalty & Rewards solution - designed to capture each customer’s mobile number at POS. It also validated the transaction in real-time against competition entry mechanics, including products purchased. Customers then simply entered their mobile numbers, to receive their instant discounts (that applied to different products combinations in-store), and more importantly, to enter into the competition. This also gave Total the ability to match customer mobile numbers to basket data.


The Customer Journey:

To support the promotion, Total South Africa (Pty) Ltd ran above the line radio campaigns, advertising the competitions, and in-store product promotions, to build brand excitement and increased traffic to stores. Once in-store, well designed and placed collateral, promoted specific products. Customers selected the combo products and, when paying, gave their mobile number to the cashier. The customer received the instant discounts and was entered into the competition. No paper trail, no long delay in choosing a winner, no lost customer data.

The Results:

Total South Africa (Pty) Ltd received real-time data on competition entries, customer’s mobile numbers, data, and analytics on the promoted products. Saving valuable time as collecting manual entries became a thing of the past. Additional data and insights, can be used in future to target specific customers to deals and promos based on past spend. The stats speak for themselves: Total received 2000 competition entries per day.