Could Ease of Use Improve Customer Loyalty?

In our growing convenience-driven landscape loyalty is fast becoming synonymous with mobile, and it’s no secret why. Mobile offers customers greater visibility of rewards and gives brands more control of how and who they’re rewarding. But with greater access to loyalty for customers and increased access to customers for brands, comes more hurdles.

The competitive landscape for consumer loyalty and brand preference is continually becoming more saturated in this digital environment. While companies can offer richer loyalty incentives to drive uptake they could achieve great results just by increasing ease of use without sacrificing more money.

Although it’s true that when Vida e Café launched their new loyalty app they saw double the activity rate on their mobile loyalty app when compared to their card, the mobile switch wasn't the main driver of the app's success.


The Filene Research Institute found a 15% reduction in purchase intent when customers experienced a complex transaction. This coupled with Vida’s increase in in-store foot traffic, higher frequency of spend and the re-engagement of old Vida customers means customers’ ability to earn and burn loyalty easily as well as pay, all with a seamless user experience doesn’t just replace the card it actually drives more engagement.


In a 2017 survey by Truth, an expert loyalty consultant, 87% of the 28 000 South African participants voted Vida e Café as one of the top 5 easiest to use loyalty programmes in SA. An incredible result considering other chart-topping programs include Clicks and PnP Smartshopper which have far larger resources behind them.

It seems that loyalty is no longer just more convenient through mobile but can actually drive engagement and spend through ease of use.

Read more, turn to page 19 of the Truth Whitepaper

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