The Challenge:

Woolworths recently launched a fresh fast-food store called NOW NOW, which offers super-fast super good food. This unique value proposition meant they had to offer a mobile-driven convenience service that could better serve the needs of its customers. The service needed to offer fresh-fast food to customers whenever they were hungry, wherever they were.

The Solution:

wiGroup's Order Ahead product allows NOW NOW store to offer its customers more convenience. Using our product's Order Ahead and Deliver to Desk functionality they could provide a convenient fast food solution to their customers. With easily integrated POS technology and mCommerce enabled app functionality NOW NOW customers can now skip queues and save valuable time.

The Customer Journey:

Users start their Order Ahead journey by logging onto the NOW NOW app. They then specify which store they want to collect from and at what time. The store then receives, accepts and processes the order to be ready at the specified time. The customer arrives at the store, skips the queue, and collects their fresh-fast meal.

The Deliver to Desk functionality lets customers choose items from the app and specify their drop-off location. The order is then sent to the store where the transaction is submitted. Once the order is ready it is delivered straight to customers desk or work location.

The Results:

Off the back of the initial launch, NOW NOW immediately saw over 10% of transactions processed via the app, indicating a demand for mobile order and delivery technology. While NOW NOW couldn't reveal more detailed stats, we know this on-demand culture is becoming a global shopping standard. In the US the Starbucks app has increased their transactions by nearly 20%, contributing to 17% of their revenue growth. It's clear that convenience is a clear driver for the modern-day shopper.