Burger King- Case Study

The Challenge:

When Burger King® launched their new product, they wanted to encourage trial usage with the help of social media. The campaign had to create a seamless experience between Facebook’s virtual advertising and Burger King®’s brick and mortar stores by incentivising those in the vicinity to enter a store and purchase the product.

The Solution:

Using location targeted Facebook advertising, Burger King® offered customers a 30% discount on their new offer. With wiGroup’s Loyalty & Rewards product those who clicked on an ad could redeem a digital coupon for the new product via their phone. Burger King® were even able to track in-store conversions using our data and analytics reporting dashboard.

The Customer Journey:

Across South Africa those within a 1km radius of a Burger King® store were targeted on mobile. Once they saw the Facebook advert in their newsfeeds and clicked on the advert they then received a unique digital coupon. Customers then redeemed this coupon at their favourite Burger King® by presenting it to the cashier.


The Results:

wiGroup’s Loyalty & Rewards product allowed Burger King® to track their campaign in real-time and amend their promotional message to encourage redemptions during specific times. The reporting dashboard was able to track how many coupons were issued, claimed and redeemed per region, per store as it happened. This campaign saw a double-digit redemption rate on all offers claimed and the Social Media promotion yielded four times the average click-through rate for Facebook Adverts.

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