Apple Pay’s Music Festival “Order Ahead” Test is the Perfect Use Case for QSRs.

Apple recently opened their new Order Ahead product to the attendants of Napa Valley’s BottleRock music festival. Customers could download the app, place their drinks order, pay through the app and pick up their order when it was ready, skipping the queue completely. A great way to test a new product on a smaller audience but of course also served as a promotional stage for the new functionality.

Not only was this a useful exercise for Apple, it also aptly illustrated the glaring benefits for quick service and takeaway restaurants.

The Benefits of Mobile

Ease of use is fast becoming a major value point for customers, combined with large-scale consumer access, mobile devices have made this an attractive method to reach on-the-go customers. The charm of Apple Pay in this circumstance was that mobiles made the service easily accessible. It allows customers to connect with brands and products from the palm of their hand. Customers, especially early adopters are more likely to use the digital alternative of anything.

Customers Can Do More

Being able to offer customers the gift of time is an invaluable product benefit. No one likes to wait around, especially when they have better things to do. With the added benefit of being able to plan their daily lives around their order, your customers have more control. Giving them the opportunity not to stand in a queue is appealing whether it’s a music festival or not

Eliminates Cash

This is useful for both you and your customers. By combining order ahead tech with their existing payment feature Apple Pay Order Ahead meant users no longer needed to worry about drawing money or waiting to pay, they just had pitch up and collect. By getting customers to use mobile payments Apple could track more transactions and capture more detailed data about these transactions. For restaurants these benefits are equally as valuable, be it a concert or a Friday night takeaway cashless convenience will keep customers smiling.

By combining an added benefit to their already handy mobile payment functionality Apple Pay’s ability to offer even more convenience is what customers will remember. With this same principle, businesses can gather valuable product and customer-linked data and are able to offer their customers a quicker and simpler way of getting their food.

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