The Tasty Tech Behind Your Favourite Fast Food Brands

The quick-service industry, as the name suggests, has always been about delivering food to customers faster than incumbents. But now businesses are turning their focus from optimizing the cooking process to improving the order process. These fast-food tech pioneers each teach us different lessons about the benefits of letting technology lead the way.


As the second-biggest chain in the U.S Domino’s marketing leading introduction of their pizza tracker set them well on this path of innovation. Describing themselves as a tech company that makes pizza the introduction of a gamified mobile ordering process went a long way in attracting customers. Combined with this tracking process they made it possible to order on just about any digital device and platform. Because of this, three quarters of sales were made online since the launch. By just offering customers the peace of mind of knowing when their pizza was going to arrive customers were more likely to order with Dominos, the tracker alone increased their sales by 19%.


Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin Donuts partnered with Waze to deliver an even faster order ahead feature. Customers access the Waze app, type in Dunkin Donuts and once they’ve selected their nearest store are prompted to place their order with On-the-Go Ordering within the Dunkin’ Mobile App. By combining even more speed and accessibility they saw higher retention rates of their Order Ahead customers, with more than 70% of DD Perks members who try mobile ordering sticking with it. Introducing these Order Ahead transactions saved about 30% more time than normal in-store orders, allowing franchises to save on employee costs and serve more customers.


The Starbucks app has been the shining star in terms of loyalty and payment technology, everything they released seemed to be gold. With the introduction of their mobile Order & Pay, usage doubled year over year with monthly transactions for the service sitting at $8 million. Now, doubling down on these digital features, they’ve recently combined the pay functionality with the ability to place their order and pay for it before the pick-up time. Their new feature ensures customers both convenience and speed. Learn more about how competitor Apple Pay introduced their new order ahead functionality.


Woolworths' Now Now

With the launch of their new fresh fast food stores, Now Now needed a technical solution that could suit their promise of speed. They implemented a branded app that let customers order ahead and choose their time of pick up. Along with Order Ahead functionality, they also tapped into their customers’ need for lunch on-the-go with a built-in option to have the food delivered to their desks. Not only were both their innovations perfectly suited to their product offering they were built around the demand of their customers, giving them choices that fit into their lives. Read the case study here.

By giving consumer’s great experiences and using tech in smart ways these companies were able to offer customers more than their standard expectation of fast food.

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