Woolworths In-app Shopping Feature Reaps Continued Success

Woolworths' convenient in-app shopping feature went live August 2018, making them the only retailer in South Africa with a fully integrated retail app. “Mobile is a crucial part of our digital strategy,” said Liz Hillock, head of online at Woolworths.

“More than 60% of the traffic to Woolworths.co.za comes from customers browsing on their mobile phones and over the last year alone we have seen 64% growth in mobile transactions. Our mobile phones enable us to interact with each other and with retailers directly.”

Online shopping continues to grow in South Africa

“This means our customers want to be connected on-the-go and our Woolies App is designed to create a shopping community that is connected, with easy access to products and information,” continued Hillock.

The type of technology enabled by partners wiGroup in creating the functionality makes the convenience of in-app shopping a pleasure demonstrated by the uptake and success of the statistics.

In South Africa, online shopping is set to grow at 19% with an estimated R18 billion in sales projected for local sites and a large portion of that growth coming from clothing sales.

The remarkable success of the in-app shopping feature

Woolworths saw almost double this market growth in online sales at 34% increase, with four times the growth in fashion, beauty and home online sales (at 77% increase) for the last financial year, the group said.

“The check-out process has also been specifically designed for mobile which makes it super quick and easy. The initial launch of in-app shopping has already exceeded our expectations from a sales perspective. We see mobile as the customer’s channel of choice and there is no doubt that mobile will lead the way towards an omni-channel retail experience,” adds Hillock.

Woolworths and wiGroup are thrilled with the success of the in-app shopping feature in the few short months it has been ‘live’ and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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