With Payment

Choose to load your card details for secure, easy payment with loyalty and rewards.

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Without Payment

Redeem Discounts and Rewards and earn Loyalty & Rewards without linking a card.


Loyalty Programs

Our consumer-centric Loyalty program helps you drive engagement with your customers. How? By enabling them to earn loyalty value based on behavioural or transactional history. Which means you get rich insight into buying patterns and spend, and can target campaigns accordingly. It also means you can engage your customers with personalised experiences, and introduce persuasive marketing, and sales messages, at critical times in the buying process. It also makes paying at the till, a breeze.


Rewards Programs

What’s great about using our mobile rewards services, is that like loyalty, you can use this feature to drive and build your campaign. You could reward your consumers with coupons for specific products or brands purchased. Offer basket value discounts on selected products or brands, based on past shopping behaviour and spend or reward consumers with pinless airtime or free products.


Vouchers & Coupons

Vouchers and coupons form part of your Loyalty program by driving specific transactions and spending patterns. Voucher's drive consumers into a specific store or spend a threshold amount while coupons can be linked to specific products, brands or product pairings. Basket analytics can be used to track consumer behaviour, and personalise deals and messaging to the exact needs of your customers. Enabling customer retention every step of the way.

Data & Analytics

wiGroup’s data warehouse uses information gained through your Loyalty & Rewards, mCommerce and payment services so you can better understand your customer. Our data & analytic insights give you access to:
Customer Relationship Management

CRM tools, for acquisition & engagement tracking, give you the power to proactively manage client engagement in order to adjust marketing campaigns and personalise products and services to suit your customers.

Reporting 2

Standard and adhoc reports, for digital engagements, let you compare metrics like the value and volume of digital offers issued and redeemed by certain retailers and stores at specific times.

Behaviour Tracking

Data gathered from Loyalty & Rewards, mCommerce and Payment activities allow you to track customer redemption rates and other user behaviour from instore and mobile channels.

Data Benchmarking

Real-time data on instore transactions and brand engagement means you can measure and optimise marketing campaigns against your own goals.


40+ Point-of-Sale providers integrated globally

Our products and services are plugged into more than 40 POS providers globally, enabling lightning fast implementation and launch. If none are available, we have the skills and know-how to get it done.