Under 1 Hour Delivery

Get your order delivered to your chosen address or desk, in under one hour.

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Order Ahead

Choose your order, and collect your order from the store or chosen address.

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It’s past lunch time and you haven’t had a chance to get to the store to pick up dinner. Simply use Order Ahead. Choose from the nearest stores located. Select your products, check out, and schedule a time for collection. You can even track the status of the order from acceptance to collection.


Customer’s simply load a single card or multiple cards. A key feature is its ease of payment and world class security, as we use a 3D Secure verification service. And all payments are secured using a 4-digit payment PIN code (created by the customer). The customer’s account is debited when goods are checked out by the picker and delivered to the consumer. With Order Ahead the Customer’s account is debited once the order has been accepted by the in-store staff member.


If our tech is already integrated to your POS, and we have more than 40 international POS integrations, you can implement mCommerce quickly without changing your infrastructure, stock and store processes. Other key features include a rendezvous point between the picker and the runner / driver and a tracking system for the sharing of runner details with both picker and customer.

40+ Point-of-Sale providers integrated globally

Our products and services are plugged into more than 40 POS providers globally, enabling lightning fast implementation and launch. If none are available, we have the skills and know- how to get it done.